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Marianne Ryan PT, OCS is an award-winning author, physical therapist and board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist with more than 30 years' experience treating prenatal and postpartum women.

Print Media

New York Times
Pregnancy Pains Got You Down

Washington Post
How new mothers can avoid injury when starting to exercise again

Advice for Women with younger kids

7 things Physical Therapists wish you knew. Consider this your co-pay-free consult!

Today Show NBC
What is Diastasis Recti?
10 Pregnancy Workout Must Haves

Mommy Matters
Diastasis Recti- What is it?

New York Times Parenting
How to start exercising after giving birth

Shape Magazine
Pregnancy Sleep Tips to help you finally get a solid night's sleep

Shape Magazine
Advice for dealing with the rigors of long distance flights

Wall Street Journal
Bigger challenges than just baby weight

Time Magazine
Apple keyboard- Taika Waititi Director of Jojo Rabbit Apple Keyboard Woes
During Childbirth Push Like You're Pooping

Associated Press
To Glam or not to Glam soon after giving birth

Chicago Tribune
Options to help with bladder control

Los Angeles Times

Options available to help with incontinence

Elephant Journal
Why are American Women dying from Childbirth?

5 Fitness and Health Resources for Moms

PR News Wire
Physical Therapy Could Help the 200,000 Women a Year Who Develop Clogged Milk Ducts

A Dad's letter is a vital lesson to all parents

5 Lifestyle tweaks that can dramatically improve Women's well-being

Everyday Health
When sitting hurts- Sitting can be a real pain if you have psoriatic arthritis

Scary Mommy
Diastasis Recti is very common and goes beyond a Mom Pooch

After Third
What you should know about your pelvic floor
These under the radar issues are all too common during postpartum recovery

USA Today
Kids Health- To the ER or not to the ER
16 Gifts a new mom could use

New York Daily News
Yoga for Seniors

Huffington Post
Why the Floor is your Friend

Parade Magazine

Brittany Mahomes Shares Intense Injury during family vacation

Health Central
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Back Pain What's the connection?

New York Times
When Is It Safe to Start Jogging With a Baby?

Rockland Parent
5 Things You Need To Know About Your Postpartum Body

First Time Parent Magazine

Why Your Body Doesn't Snap Back After Childbirth

Natural Parent Magazine

Avoid Aches and Pains - How to lift your Baby Safely

PT Products
Blocked Milk Ducts - Physical Therapy Treatment

Working Mother

The Top 8 Health Conditions That Affect Working Moms

Everyday Health

When Sitting Hurts- Tips to Relieve Psoriatic Arthritis Pain

Post baby Waist Training- What you need to know

Natural Awakenings
Postpartum Fitness

Fit 4 Mom
Jogging with a stroller

Adore Them
Why you should not expect to be Facebook ready a day after childbirth

Naturally Savvy

Why your Baby Bod doesn't snap back together

Pop Culture
Are your postpartum Abs ready for exercise?

Mommy Bites
Baby Bod Book review

Pregnancy Center Australia
Baby Bod Book Review

Everyday Health
Heat treatment for Ankylosing Spondylosis

Move Forward

5 Ways to return to your pre-baby body

Move Forward
Ergonomic Parenting

American Physical Therapy Association Lecture
Non-invasive Physical Therapy Treatment of Pregnant and Postpartum Clients

American Physical Therapy Association
How to be a Fit Mom

Move Forward
5 ways to prepare your body for pregnancy

Kegal 8
Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Why does one-third of childbirth surgery fail?

Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Proper birthing techniques

Everyday Health

Ankylosing Spondylitis retrofit your workspace

Everyday Health
Ankylosing Spondylitis Pain Management
Do Postpartum Belts really work

Wirecutter - New York Times
Testing Pregnancy Pillows
Breastfeeding Made Me Pull My Hamstring


Jogging Strollers


Best Jogging Strollers of 2023

Broadcast Radio

Women’s Radio Network
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Lisa Singer about her new book Baby Bod

Mom Talk Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Maria Bailey about how to get your pre Baby Bod back

Preferred Company Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Joel Markel and Marianne Levy about Baby Bod and Women's Health

Babies and Moms Radio
Marianne Ryan talks about what women need to do after giving birth

Sirius XM Radio
Maggie Linton show on Sirius XM interviews Marianne Ryan about Baby Bod

Read My Lips Radio
Marianne is interviewed by Bonnie D Graham of Read My Lips Radio about her book Baby Bod

Ed Tyll Radio Show
Marianne talks to Ed Tyll of Starcom Network about how Dads can help Moms during and after pregnancy

Ed Tyll Radio Show
Marianne talks to Ed Tyll about Physical Therapy for Women's Breasts and Blocked Milk Ducts

Sports Doctor Radio
Dr Robert Weil talks to Marianne Ryan about physical therapy for women during and after pregnancy.

Phil Hulett and Friends Radio
Marianne interviewed for Phil Hullet and Friends show about "Physical Therapy for Your Ta-Tas"

David and Friends Radio
How to have a life after having a baby : Marianne is interviewed for the David and Friends radio show

Make Wellness Fun Radio Show
Marianne talks to Kathryn Guylay for her Mountain Mantras Wellness and Life Lessons series

Write Now Radio
Marianne is interviewed by Viki Winterton of Write Now Radio about her book Baby Bod

Sports Doctor Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Dr Robert Weil discussing new moms getting back into shape

Late Night Health Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Mark Alyn: Physical Therapy Treatment for Infertility

Late Night Health Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Mark Alyn: Why Sit Ups Suck Part 2

Late Night Health Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Mark Alyn: Why Sit Ups Suck

Late Night Health Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Mark Alyn on the subject of back pain

Late Night Health Radio
Marianne Ryan interviewed by Mark Alyn on the subject of “What is a Physical Therapist?”

Move Forward Radio
Marianne Ryan gives advice on Painless Parenting

Sports Doctor Radio
Marianne returns to Sports Doctor Radio talking about Baby Bod and Women's Health

Healthy Wealthy and Smart Radio
Marianne Ryan discusses Women’s Health Issues

Housecall with Dr Mac
Marianne discusses having a baby, how to get your pre-baby body back and her new book Baby Bod

Essentially Fit Radio
Marianne Ryan discusses Having a Baby after 40

Integrative Pelvic Health Institute Radio
Marianne Ryan discusses when should you start to exercise after having a baby

Prenatal Yoga Center
Marianne Ryan discusses incontinence before and after giving birth

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