TEDX Talk: What your momma never told you about childbirth

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Some of you may know that I did a TEDx Talk last month and I have been waiting to hear if it was accepted by the Ted Talk committee. I am so excited because it was published yesterday! The name of the talk is "What Your Momma Never Told You About Childbirth".

I think it is a important message and would like to ask your support. Do you think you could do me a favor and "like" the talk on YouTube? It is my intention to help make more people aware of the need for more medical and emotional support for postpartum moms. I have a summary of the talk below.

While pregnancy and childbirth can be one of the most exciting times in a woman's life, it brings with it a long list of physical issues that most women are not fully prepared for and often assume are normal changes they must accept once they become mothers. Some of the most common problem mothers experience is persistent back pain, flabby tummies, incontinence and pelvic pain (including painful sex).

I remember getting lots of advice from my mother about how to take care of myself during pregnancy and how to take care of the baby, but my momma never told me about all the physical changes I would have to deal with after childbirth.

Most of these problems can be prevented or eliminated if moms go for physical therapy treatment and learn to take special precautions to prevent developing injuries and learn how to regain strength in weakened muscles.

But, when it comes to dealing with these physical problems health-care professionals in the US often drop the ball of medical care. The focus of care is switched from the mother to the baby. A new mom is often given a pat on the back for a job well done and a piece of paper showing them how to do Kegel exercises.

As a women's health physical therapist I became frustrated with the lack of continued care for new mothers and became determined to develop a recovery program women can use to reclaim their bodies after childbirth.

After years of research and clinical trials I created the first DIY program that bridges the gap between evidence-based medical science and fitness instruction, the Baby Bod Program.

It is now my goal to make women aware that these problems are not normal, and they deserve to fully recover from childbirth. Be Well!

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